Episode 1018

October 19, 2022


“I’m not extremist!” Yes, you are.

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Bruce Maples
“I’m not extremist!” Yes, you are.
The State of Kentucky
“I’m not extremist!” Yes, you are.

Oct 19 2022 | 00:01:53


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Are those Republicans who want a total abortion ban “extremists”? Bruce Maples weighs in.

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Speaker 1 00:00:08 Recently, the Democratic Caucus of the Kentucky House released ads attacking 10 Republican representatives for their extremist views on abortion, and especially for their support for the abortion ban and for the anti-abortion constitutional amendment. One of the targeted Republicans complained to one of the Democrats behind the ads saying they were unfair, said this Republican indignantly, I'm not extremist. Let me say in response, Yes you are. When the vast majority of Kentuckians oppose a complete ban on abortion, and yet you support it. You are moving toward the extreme end of the spectrum when voters think abortion should be available to victims of rape and incest, and yet you think it should be banned in those cases as well. Your views are definitely in the extremist range, and when you would force a 12 year old rape victim to carry her pregnancy to term, the only word to use for you is extremists. So yes, Republicans, when it comes to abortion in Kentucky, you are extremists and like many extremists, you are going to cause people to die. Don't like being called extremist then don't stand up for policies and laws and constitutional amendments that are extreme until then get used to being called an extremist because that is what you are.

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